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Home button not working on original display - happening often - Bug?

Hi fellow technicians,

I'd like to bring something to your attention/find out if anyone else is having the same issues.

We've been in the repair game over 9 years now so we are pretty clued up when it come to repairs so I can assure you that the following isn't human caused.

We have experienced the same issue with a number of iPhone 7 phones. The issue is the home button stops working, not just touch ID but the entire home button. This is WITHOUT a screen replacement.

For example today we replaced the charging port and camera lens. Disconnected battery, disconnected screen and did the work. Put back together and the home button doesn't work.

We have had this happen maybe 5 or 6 times in the past few month (we repairs 100s of screens per month) and we have noticed one thing in common, this issue is only happening if the phone has an original display on. Never had the issue with a phone that has aftermarket display fitted.

The home isn't broken. It works perfect on another display (aftermarket). It's like something is blowing within the screen circuit that powers the home button.

Have you experienced this issue?

I'm wondering if this is down to Apple, again..

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I think you will find it is the flex cable. The home button flex on the original iPhone 7 screens are extremely fragile. I was having this trouble ages ago until I changed the way I was removing the screens. I realised that moving the screen from side to side to get it free from the top bezel will cause the flex to become faulty.

 I now pry the screen down with a spudger until it is free of the top bezel, than open it. I have not experienced any more problems doing it this way.

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