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LG's flagship smartphone, with a unique slide-out battery and detachable I/O module supporting multiple hardware expansion options. Released in April 2016.

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Phone died due to empty battery, after restart the battery is full.

Hello. My barely used G5 after full charge keeps discharging really fast(like 100% to 1% in 20 minutes) but after boot up the phone shows its real battery percentage (like 75% after first cycle) this continues on and on rendering the phone unusable. Here you can see an graph of battery usage, the phone wasnt connected to a charger during this testing period.I used an app to measure the battery voltage and the phone reads like 4.1 V at the first power off.(It shows like 4129.3V but it is bugged somehow it probbably reads x1000) So it is unlikely that this is caused by the battery(i tried two of them, the same thing happens)Have anybodey seen this before? Im thinking of instaling some custom os because this looks like software bug( i already instaled newest android updates).If you know how to fix this i woud be glad for any reply.

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This is clear sign of poor battery or loose contact. Though barely used, Li-Ion battery degrades over time - (i.e) even if unused.


@bmx2019 but the phone mesuares the right voltage for the correct battery percentage(the percentage after restart), just the os shows low battery


it is not just voltage... current is also important. The OS uses the rate of change of all these factors to calculate these. If you are not sure then google XDA LG G5. Install the stock firmware -test again. How old is the battery/device?


@bmx2019 the original battery is from 2016, and the second one i bought (like a week ago)new is also from 2016, the phone was bought new in 2017 and it had the same problem, since then nobodey used it.


5 years can be long enough for Li-ion battery to degrade...


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iFixit sells a replacement LG G5 battery. It’s your best course of action. They’re really easy to replace! Tutorials are also available. Will link if requested. Happy fixing! TAG2YT

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