Stuck on start screen logo.

My some what year old Samsung phone decided today to just bootloop forever.

It was about 5 hours ago this happened, I used my phone for about 20 minutes after starting it up and then shut if off again (as in I held down power button). Then about one hour later I took my phone out of my pocket and noticed it had turned on so I put it back in my pocket and waited for it to turn on.

One hour later it is still stuck on the start screen. I then start to do what I know and hold down the power and volume down button and it turns off, but only for a second or two until it starts again and stays at the start screen. I tried putting it on a charger and it does nothing but does show a charging circle if you hold down the power and volume down button. It will then stay on that circle until you hold those two buttons again.

Called support but they told me I they couldn’t help me but another department could which was closed and would be closed for the weekend.

Any help would be appreciated


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I have a similar problem to this at the moment, did you ever get the problem fixed?


@dragaming Sadly no. Someone on another forum told me opening their phone then unplugging and plugging in his battery worked for them


Is the problem similar to this?


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