SATA enclosure for optical slot: "IOATAController device blocking bus"

I installed the SATA enclosure that is supposed to be compatible with the optical slot of my A1211 MacBook Pro (note that this enclosure has a PATA to SATA converter to make a SATA drive compatible with the PATA controller in the MBP).

It works well. For about three to five minutes after booting up. Then access hangs, and finally the following kernel message (/var/log/system.log) comes up:

IOATAController device blocking bus

That message repeats a couple of times, and finally the Mac forgets that there is a drive in that slot.

ATA: Device recovery failed (0x00000003), terminating device...

disk1s2: media is not present

(and a flurry of messages that HFS is not happy.)

On a whim, I already tried "pmset -a disksleep 0", but that didn't help.

Anything else I can try?

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The disk is a Samsung HN-M101MBB. SMART for the disk looks good.

The weird thing is that, today, it hasn't got stuck at all yet, while yesterday it never lasted longer than 5 minutes. I'll report when I have found a pattern...

Yes, I'd might change out the drive as well (however, it worked perfectly in an ESATA enclosure for a while, and opening up an early MBP is not my idea of fun).

I don't really suspect the PATA controller on the main board because that was connected to a 250 GB PATA disk in an optical bay before and worked for years without a single hickup. (I swapped out the optical bay because you just can't get PATA disks that are much larger...)


The optical bay enclosure is the ifixit prodct that they recommend for this application for the A1211, [bağlı ürün eksik veya kapalı: IF107-078-1] -- again the funny thing is that it intermittently does work (it does right now).


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