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solder pads on iPod Touch 3g battery replacement

So I was replacing a battery on my Itouch 3G and unfortunately I did not have the middle solder pad heated up enough and it pull out from the logic board and is still attached to the battery. Am I screwed here, I would greatly appreciate any ideas I was thinking to try and pull it off the battery and solder it back on the board is this possible? or if I could not get the original pad off the battery could I cut out one of the solder pads from the old battery and use that on the logic board for a solder pad. Thank You.

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If the pad has been completely ripped off the board, the only options would be:

1) Find the trace the pad normally connects to, scrape off some lacquer and re-attach to a new point. or 2) Replace the whole board. You should be okay with attaching the cable to the race or the next point where the trace leads to. You need a good magnifying lamp, a steady hand and good equipment. You should also check on here Anyway to reattach solder pads? and here is a great general guide

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I would follow OldTurkey03's advice. If you decide to totally remove the solder pad, be prepared for some work. In which case you'll need a new solder pad or salvage a solder pad from another board and use 2 part epoxy to re-stick the pad to the board. You'll still need to pull a little solder to connect the pad back into the trace. I've also experimented with a dry film method of applying solder pads. Basically, it is a peel and stick adhesive like 3M's adhesive you use to seal back on the screen, however, it is much thinner. In both cases, you'll need the patience of Job, good lighting and magnification and some very fine tools. ~ and don't forget to disconnect the + terminal on the battery to avoid shorts while your doing all the tinkering.

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This is a layout of a 2g ipod with it's test points laid out. I think the 3g is the same. If you don't have the test points then follow trace further down and scratch a little of the covering off to get at a solder point like oldturkey03 wrote.

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I suppose the principle is always the same, It won't matter which board one is looking at ;-)


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