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Released in 1999, successor to the original PowerMac G3, 300-450 MHz, 64 or 128 MB of RAM, 6 or 12 GB HDD

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Is there any way to reinstall new macOS to PowerMac G3

I was using my ancient PowerMac G3 with no problems, but I accidentally changed the screen resolutions unsupported one. Then PC never opened again. I couldn’t find disk images to burn. I’m pretty sure the problem is all about OS, not something related to hardware. Waiting for your help, have a good one.

Here is the video for kernel panic:

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You would need to use another Mac and make a bootable USB/CD of the correct version of the latest support MacOS or lower (Minimum is 8.0) usually done within the terminal.

If you do not have another Mac there are ways to do it in a Windows VM using some special code off of GitHub. I personally run a Big Sur VM to do all my iPhone work on and for making bootable macOS USB’s to fix my clients machines. If you have to go the VM route, let me know I can provide all the tutorials and guides you will need :)

Depending on your model of G3 you should able to go to 9.1 on all models and as high as10.4.11 on the G3/500 (Firewire/Pismo) model.

Hope this helps :)

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I already have a MacBook but how can I find disk images? I appreciate your help thank you. :)))


I would just give you a URL but they seem to get swept away by the Spam Bot :) If you google 'Download and install older versions of OS X on a Mac' there is an article on Mac Paw that should help you obtain an image, if not your gonna have to do a bit of googleing for a keywords such as 'macOS 10.4 Disk Image', etc.


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