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My iPod display shows the color white as purple HELP!

Okay, so my iPod 1 gen works completely fine everything is prime and proper, having said that on my screen when viewing things anything for that matter the color white, is displayed as shades of purple, is does not matter what i do, rotating it or playing a game or looking at photos whatever, the color white is shown as a variation of purples. Restores do not do it, and all of the factory resets ive done solve nothing as even the itunes connect sign is purple too! its not stained into the screen when another window overlaps the background items on screen

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It's either a loose connector or a bad screen. I'm willing to bet on the screen, though. Still try reseating the display as a last ditch effort. If it doesn't work, then you need a new LCD. See the guide below.

iPod Touch 1st Generation Display Replacement

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