Everytime I turn off my Xbox one or xbox series s my internet goes dow

Evrrytime i turn off either of my Xboxes (one x and series s) the internet completely shuts down and i have to reset it. Its gotten pretty frustrating at this point. Anyone else have this issue?

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Are you just turning the Xbox off with the controller or Xbox menu? Or are you turning off a power strip or something else with it. If you're using the Xbox shut down, that's very weird.


@reedcrosby i shut off all games on them and then use the controller to turn them off. Im not sure why it keeps happening but its only when i turn off either xbox.. both are plugged to the wall in the same room while the router is in another room.. honestly its got me pretty confused because im not sure how those things would be connected as to shutting down my wifi ?


@faithmturk You should try using the Xbox button on the console to turn it off. The only thing that makes sense here is possible signal interference.


wifi or hard wired?


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