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The Galaxy Watch Active2 is a smartwatch from Samsung Electronics. Its model number is SM-R825, SM-R830, or SM-R835 and was released in August 2019. Repair your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 with these guides.

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Samsung active 2 watch Cracked front glass

How do I replace the front glass on my Samsung active 2 watch

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since there are no tear down guides for this thing that i could find yet, youll have to do it your self….. very slowly and carefully.

looks like a place you can get new glass.

youll need to pick up some tools, spudger, probably some small screw drivers, isopropyl to clean the sticky stuff for the screen. check out some of the other wath tear downs and take it slow.

there is bound to be some small ribbon cables in there so make sure you dont rip them!

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