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Model A1136 / 30, 60, or 80 GB hard drive / black or white plastic front

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iPod constantly thinks it's charging

My 5.5 gen IPod always thinks that it’s being charged, which means it will never let me turn the screen off. This kills my battery life. Why does it do this?

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Check the status of the iPod battery using Mac, Install Coconut Battery to do this.

Plus the iPod into a USB port on your Mac, the use Coconut and click on the iOS icon in the top row.

Here’s what it looks like using my iPhone

Block Image

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I don't have a Mac OS device. I did install a new battery though, so I don't think battery health should be an issue?


You need to know what is happening with that battery since that is what you are having issues with. Here are PC alternatives to the Coconut Battery


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Corn On The Cob  if it did this before you changed the battery as well, try a new cable. Also clean the dock connector with some isopropyl alcohol and some compressed air. Check for bend, broken or corroded pins (use a magnifying source for that). If none of that changes anything you may have to remove the back from our iPod and check the battery connector. That is the weakest point on the iPod. It does have the tendency of easily breaking of the board. Remember that it is the gas gauge connection from your battery to the logic board that will tell your iPod what it is doing.

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