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Released March 2007, identified by model number VDR-D220

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will not turn on even with transformer

camera will not turn on with battery or wall transformer.

Where can I get it repaired?

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@nycrrmitch no idea where you can send it for repair. We on here usually do not recommend any repair places unless we have dealt with them and know they are reputable etc. It is just to subjective to do that and invites a lot of spam. You can always do an online search to see who would be a repair source for you. The mission of ifixit and subsequently the volunteers on here is to assist you with your own repair. Here you get empowered to fix things yourself.

For your camera you can always get help and assistance if you are up to fixing things. You’d be looking at something like this

Block Image

for the No Power fault on your camera. Of course we would always guide you as much as it is remotely possible. Let us know

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I am going to try forced power on to see if it will do something.

I don’t know what rear case FPC is.

Does this require opening the case?



FPC + Flexible Printed Circuit

Forced power on does not.


I got to step 4 of Panasonic VDR-D220 DVD AV and Micro USB Data Ports Replacement and can't slide the top portion of the camera forward .


@nycrrmitch you used the spudger to free it up a bit?


I do not have a spudger. is there anything else that will work?


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