Dead wii-mote after a battery upgrade; possible PCB damage?

So I’m fairly new to this whole console repair/modification business, but I thought a mod for a built in LiPo battery intended for use with game boys could be repurposed for a Wii-mote instead.

I did manage to get everything working but when I opened it up again to solve a minor issue I think I managed to short something out, and now it’s pretty much been bricked. It looks to me like the damage is in the capacitor/resistor group just above the chip labeled U5 (though I could be wrong about that, there aren’t a lot of maps for the circuit board out there)

Block Image

Specifically the components C65, R42, C61, and R41, in the bottom area of the picture, a little down and left of the speaker contacts. R42 and R41 both read at about 200k ohms, C65 reads around 10k ohms but C61 seems to be missing. Does anyone know which component I need for that spot?

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C stands for capacitor. The values of capacitors are expressed in microfarads(uf), not ohms.


Are you certain that I need a 65 or 61uF capacitor for that spot? It seems to me that the numbers are part numbers rather than values, and none of the resistors match their apparent values.

Also, my meter doesn’t read capacitance, so I don’t really have an idea whether they’re burnt out or not beyond that they still conduct some current.


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