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The 2013 revamp of the desktop Mac series known as the Mac Pro.

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My 2013 Mac Pro won't turn on

I have a 2013 Mac Pro that won't turn on. It started doing unjustified reboots, then it was hard to turn on, it took several minutes to turn on, and now it does not turn on, the power button is the only LED that does not light up, but it seems that it is on because it seems that you can hear the fan spinning. I am going to take it to an Apple technical service for repair, but I would like to know if it is the symptoms of the damaged graphics. Because if so, I will not repair it and sell it for parts.

These symptoms, can they also correspond to the damaged power supply? I have already done everything, in addition, it was once in the technical service when the ignition began to fail, and they did not find anything.

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It was the CPU riser card. It had to be changed.

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Sadly this is just not enough information to get to any hypothesis on whats wrong.

I think the best you will be able to do is go to an Apple Store and ask for a detailed estimate before they do any repairs. Let us know what they tell you.

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