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Won't boot with battery depleted?


I'm trying to recover a broken Macbook pro 15, that had its battery completely depleted cause of a short circuit.

I'm trying to determine if the logic board is recoverable and if it is worth it to buy a new battery or not. (i.e. is the logic board fried or not).

Charger turn green but not orange and doesn't seem to charge the battery (the same symptoms are present if I take the battery completely out).

Can anyone confirm that this model of MacBook Pro (unibody with internal battery) wont turn on if no battery is connected to the motherboard but only the power adapter ?

Or will it be able to boot normally even when you unplug the internal battery ?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Many models of the Macbook Pro need at least 15% charge on the battery to boot. All the circuitry to power the the logic board, screen, etc... comes off the battery. This model is one that needs a charge on to turn on, boot, etc...

You might try putting a charged battery in it and putting the battery from this one in another MBP to figure out what is good and what is not. You don't want to buy another logic board for this if the screen is bad.

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Thanks for the input ABCellars.

I didn't knew that they needed 15 percent to boot.

I guess I will have to buy a battery because I have no access to Unibody Macbook Pros (my current is a early 2008 C2D with removable battery), and my friends all have either MBA or 13" MBP.

Anyway thank you, I hope that the logic boards has not suffered to a point it's not recoverable (screen and the rest look fine, no shock signs or anything).

Please have a nice day.


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