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The HP 842c was introduced in 2000. Like most old printers, the cartridges are large and last. Along with this, it is also more reliable than modern inkjet printers. While the ink lasts, the printer uses a Tri-Color cartridge. If one color is empty, the whole cartridge is considered empty.

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Are these still for sale? Or out dated?

Afre thesed still for sale or out dated?

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The printers or the ink?


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The printer hasn’t been sold for years, to the point it is at least 21 years old. You can only get them used from places like Goodwill, or yard sales in a lot of cases. In addition, HP has pulled the drivers so you need to know the file location on the HP FTP server to get the drivers, or go 3rd party. Unless you have a technical reason to bother with this model, look elsewhere!

As far as ink goes I think HP also stopped manufacturing it, but the reman cart manufacturers and Chinese cloners are still selling them. Even if HP still did, they ask too much anyway.

Trust me - if you have a choice, you DO NOT WANT an old inkjet like this due to the ink costs, cart clogging and ink drying out. Find a proper workhorse mono laser (unless you actually need color) like the LJ 1200, or a 4000 series (like the 4050 - 11x17 model; Letter model is the 4000, 4150 - 11x17 model; 4050 for Letter or 4250). I picked a LJ 1200 off of the street from someone moving, and the actual page count on it at the time was 134,667 (669 after making sure it works on the bad toner) and now 134,672 confirmed good. Just needed a toner cartridge. Yep, didn’t even bat an eye at that number. The fuser sleeve is slightly burned, but rebuild kits are cheap and it’s outside of the printed page anyway.

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