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Does not want to start up?

does not want to start up when i push the power button?

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Can you provide a little more info--Does it make any sound/ what lights come on/ what noises does it make? Ralph


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Sounds like bad capacitors, This problem plagued iMac G5's. There are about 25 capacitors on the computer's logic board that can fail. They can be replaced however. There are kits on eBay that include all of them. This is usually a degenerative problem, where it gets worse, and worse over time, it can start with freezing, image distortion, and randomly shutting down, and it can get to the point where it won't even turn on. This is a tricky repair, however it can be done with a steady hand, and some patience.

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you can check by removing the computer's back cover, and looking at the capacitors for leakage, and bulging, for these are signs of failure.


Chris is right and got an up vote from me but: Check this thread before ordering. Replacing the capacitors on a iMac G5...


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