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Drained battery, iPhone overheating

I used my phone to watch a movie last night and fell asleep while it was still on. it was not connected to the charger and I think the battery was drained. I only found out this morning but the power wont get back on. i charged the phone for more than an hour now and the phone keeps on heating up. please help me, I cant go to a shop or get replacements because everything here is closed.

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the phone is overheating when plugged in.


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You have a major issue with the phone, most likely on the logic board. There is a slight possibility that it is a battery issue but overheating is usually related to a short of some kind on the logic board. Unless you have the skills or tools to troubleshoot this, you would be better off to have it looked at by a reputable repair shop that does some micro-soldering.

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There must be hardware issues inside. You can`t fix it from the outer side.

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the phone has turned on but it drains faster because its too hot


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