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The Hover-1 H1 can be identified by its Hover-1 logo on the front of the shell and four headlights on both sides of the shell. The hoverboard has a wheel size of 6.5”, a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour, and a Bluetooth capable speaker. Model: HY-H1.

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Need help repairing my hoverboard

Hallow my name is Eleanor Owen I brought a hoverboard from the ++Floating Feet++ website through eBay so after 1 year my hoverboard is not properly working I think it has some technical problem when I plug it in the lights turn on and all that but the motors don't work. So I took it apart and I think I have a battery issue but I am not certain. When I hit the on button it doesn't turn on at all. I took the shell off and have let it sit for around a year but now I want to repair it.

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‘Dats a nice hoverboard. Electric start (only) without retaining the older kick starter pedal as a backup to battery, starter or starting circuit failure leaves you or your repair shop to diagnose where the problem(s) lie(s). If this is a 12v battery, can you boost it from a car battery? Does the battery measure 12v from a multimeter? An inexpensive trickle charger outputting less than 2 amps is more than sufficient to recharge small 12v batteries. Unfortunately, motorcycle batteries have a shorter life than car batteries unless they’re sealed gel or AGM types to last longer.

First thing to try is starting from a car battery if possible. Your hoverboard won’t need too much power for the starter but try a battery boost to see if starting occurs. If the starter runs then the engine should startup unless other issues prevents the engine from running. If the starter doesn’t engage to crank the engine then the problem may be wiring, starter button or starter. An alternate method would be a running start, preferably going downhill to use gravity to get the bike up above, say 15-20 mph and letting the clutch out in high gear to turn the engine over. The battery should have at least 10 volts to run the electronics for the ignition system. A running start eliminates the starter and can tell you if the engine runs. The battery must have sufficient voltage to power the electrical system. A running start is no different from pushing a car with a manual xmission to startup in gear with a partially dead battery.

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Don't think device is the vehicle that was originally used, but a literal hoverboard xD


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