Will not switch on at all, any ideas?

The laptop has stopped working completely. I have been told that the battery is ok and the power unit. It has been suggested that the motherboard needs replacing?

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Just out of curiosity, how did the person that told you that you needed a new motherboard, check the power unit and the battery? Not saying that you do not need one, but you seem to have some doubt.


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I do know that the HP DV 6000 series did have issues with faulty mother boards that were generally caused by the integrated graphics and HP agreed to do the repairs. I am not sure if your computer qualifies, but it would not hurt to get in touch with HP. There are a couple of other things that you could try. Unplug power supply and take out the battery then press and hold power button for about a minute. Insert battery and plug in power supply use the power button and see if it starts up. You can also try to unplug it take out the battery pack, while the battery pack is out hold the power button for thirty seconds. Put the battery pack back in and plug your computer in to the AC adapter. Try to see if it will power on. Hope this helps to get you started, good luck

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Nvidia 8600 GPU with recall?


I believe so, lots of issues that some people resolved by reflowing...


Lots of people also just turned it in to HP for the free logic board repair program paid for by Nvidia, Apple is still doing it.


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