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iPod not working because it fell into a bucket of water

Cool site........I came in contact with this organisation while i was looking for how fix my iPod on internet. I'll be glad if anyone can help me out. My iPod fell inside a bucket of water last weekend. I brought it out immediately but i noticed that the screen was showing faintly. I tried to dry it but since i couldn't open it, i air dried it after i tried putting it on but it never came on since then. Presently, we dont have store in my country (Nigeria) where it can be fixed.

I have read through previous comments where i found out that one can dry it inside a bowl of Rice. I have tried but its not working still. What can i do please?

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Moyosore, the rice will really only remove some of the water. The best thing to do is follow this guide. Once you cleaned it according to the guide, replace the battery and re-evalaute. The guides on how to dismantle your ipod are in the Step-by-step guides under the picture on the right side of this page. Hope this helps, good luck.

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As oldturkey03 wrote, opening it up and drying it out is the best way to proceed. Those batteries in the Ipods hate water, so it's probably ruined and needs replacing and you can't replace it without opening up the Ipod.


Thanks for your swift response and contributions, I really appreciate it. I'll give it a trial. Cheers


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