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The Galaxy S7 Edge is the curved-screen variant of Samsung's 2016 flagship phone, the Galaxy S7. Announced February 2016 and released on March 11. Model SM-G935.

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My phone is stuck on a battery with lightning bolt screen, I need help

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my phone (Samsung galaxy s7 edge) is stuck on this screen I have tried odin multiple times and It has failed all the times I have tried now it is stuck on a screen with a lightning bolt and it won't fix it won't go to recovery mode and the volume down and power buttons thing doesn't help either and I have given up on odin. Is there anything I can do do get it to work?

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My Samsung Galaxy A8 is stuck on the lightning bolt screen and it does come off when I unplug it and if I leave it plugged in it flashes back and forth does that make it the answer different


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Does the screen go away after unplugging the phone? If it does, it sounds like you need a new battery(guide here). The lightning bolt signifies a lack of charge in the battery(battery is charging but not done), so your battery is probably weak and can't hold enough charge that the phone thinks it can turn on.

Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Görseli


Galaxy S7 Edge Battery


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No it didn't go away when I took it off charge. Thanks for the advice anyway.


@myphoneisbroken Try letting it sit until the battery goes flat, then plug it in. This might help the processor reset.


Okay I'll try that thanks


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