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iPhone 6 Plus Overheating soon as the battery plugged

Hello, i am having a bit of a problem with my iPhone 6 Plus, so this problem occurs for 2 weeks ago, and it got so warmed that the Overheating notification pops up, and i left it for a while, but for 6 hours more, it doesn’t disappear, it did when the battery ran out completely.

2 Days ago, i am having a problem with my LCD, it became untouchable, and when i go to my repair shop, they told me that the IC touchscreen is damaged, and the battery needs to be changed. After changing all of it, i brought it home, and works fine. but after 30 mins of turning it back on, the problem reoccurs.

i got fed up, and i stripped my phone, and found out that the problem is this part.(blue marked)

when i plugged in the battery, it instantly become hot, even too hot to be touched by hand. Can you tell me what could be the problem ?

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By “problem area”, do you mean this area is the part that gets hot, or the part that seems to be not working? Because that's the wireless IC, and it is in no way related to power management.


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The chip in question is the WiFi/Bluetooth chip.

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