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Televisions made by the Chinese multinational electronics company, TCL.

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Is the power supply actually dual voltage?

I’m moving to the UK and wondering whether my TCL 55P607 might be secretly dual voltage. I understand it is common practice to label TVs as 110-120V only even though the power supply can actually take 110-240V.

Before I open up the back and take a peek, I was hoping someone else would have an answer. I believe the part number is 08-PN2G10L-PW200AA but looking at the PCB photos online, I don’t see any indication one way or another. Any hints would be appreciated!

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They sell adaptors so you can safely use devices from the USA in the UK. Might just play it safe n get one



Hi Brandon, It wont work. Those adapters are only for the plug shape. For voltage you would need a heavy, fairly large transformer and then there are the different power frequencies - 60Hz vs. 50Hz. True some items are rated 50 or 60 Hz but you would have to check.


A transformer would work but as @brandon_k said it's heavy and large so I'd like to avoid getting one if I can.



@mike because the TV has a label on the back that says 110V, so even if it's 110-240V in practice they won't say so. Even if it's only a matter of regulatory approval etc.


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In case anyone is curious, with the help of another forum I was able to reach a high enough level of certainty to plug the TV into 240V and it turns out it is a universal PSU after all!

For more details, see

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That's cool! Yes, why don't they just say so?


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Why not just contact TCL:

North America uses ATSC system (and only N.A.)

and UK , Europe, Australia, New Zealand, etc. use DVB-T

Different voltages and frequencies 110/120V 60Hz vs. 230V 50Hz

To add to it the UK uses Freeview which is built into their TV’s:

Those adapters are only for the plug shape. For voltage you would need a heavy, fairly large transformer and then there are the different power frequencies of course

Just sell or store your TV and buy one in the UK.

Your TV is rated for 50/60 Hz on this site:

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I should've mentioned the broadcast tech is irrelevant since I only plan to use it for streaming. I'm aware of the different voltages and frequencies but I also know that some TVs are dual voltage, and that's what I'm trying to find out.

I've only had this TV for a couple of years, so selling it at a loss and buying a new one in the UK, where it's significantly more expensive, is far from ideal...



I hear you. On this web site our TV is rated for 50/60 Hz :

When I moved all my equipment that was dual voltage or dual frequency stated so in the specifications OR I contacted the manufacturer's tech support ( for example the NAD amplifier if it would work at 50Hz - which they said it would.). I purchased the transformers before leaving as we were shipping everything so weight was not an issue. All went well and everything is working fine after several years now. Good luck.


I got in touch with TCL and the first agent said it would definitely work. That felt a bit too easy, so I ended up calling again the next day, and sure enough this time they said it would definitely NOT work and would burn the power supply. Back to square one!


@szxzx You know they could be both correct but it probably depends on which manufacturing batch the TV set is from. So maybe transformer is the way to go since set is 50/60 Hz. Just make sure you get one that can handle the Watts with good error margin. In my case the transformers were much cheaper in Canada than they are in NZ. There is a case where the Internet is really helpful. remember GST/VAT tax as well in calculation. I'd also check if the UK will charge any custom tax on the import.


Thanks, I might order an ACUPWR transformer from the US, since no other brand seems to get consistent recommendations.

Another option I've been considering is replacing the power supply board with an equivalent 230V-capable one from one of the TVs they sell in the rest of the world. Unfortunately it's almost impossible to find specs for these boards and verify compatibility...


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for information, I left France (220V 50htz) to live in the Dominican Republic (110V 60htz) and sincerely I connected my TCL television to 110v without asking myself the question ... It works, I confirm that the power supply are planned to operate at 110-240V ... The problem of 50 or 60 htz is not serious if the power supply is of good quality or rather the capacitors of the power supply because they are the ones that can pose a problem !! ! I explain:

the 60htz decreases the resistance of the capacitors so if they are of poor quality they may break faster than normal, but that's it... For my part my TV has been working for 1 year without worries... :)

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