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Announced January 2019, the Vive Cosmos features six cameras for inside-out tracking.

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Need a guide for taking apart the Vive Cosmos controller for cleaning.

I recently had an issue with my Vive Cosmos controller where one of the buttons began to stick and I have been unable to find any tear downs or other such guides for these controllers. Can anyone provide me with this information? I managed to somewhat fix the issue by pouring IPA down in to the button and exercising it until it wasn’t as bad but I feel this is only a temporary solution. In my attempt to dismantle it myself I also appear to have damaged the haptic feedback motor on that controller but can’t repair it until I can get it fully disassembled.

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Took me 3 days but I finally figured out how to properly open up the cosmos controller (not cosmos elite). Unscrew two star crews out from under the battery cover, then the gloss cover near the joystick and buttons is basically a thick sticker that needs to come off. A razornife will help peeling that off from the lower end moving upwards. Four more screws to take out, one in each corner. After they're off, I just used an old card to shim between the front and back plastic casing, popping them apart. There's a thin ribbon connecting the button circuitry to the handle, so be careful taking the two halves apart. From there all seems pretty standard where else to move forwards with getting back to your trigger area. Good luck ?

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Well I'm working with the right controller and one of those four screws under the sticker is positioned where I can't get my screwdriver in to unscrew it because the light ring is in the way but thank you this was very helpful in at least getting me that far.


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