Laptop freezing for a second then comes back for a second rinse and re

I tried fully updating tried reinstalling windows 10 tried changing ram tried installing ssd from an old hdd tried Windows 11 tried going back from updates but it continues to freeze then come back constantly

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Bu iyi bir soru mu?

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Can you get into BIOS without the laptop resetting?

What do you mean by "second rinse"??


I mean rinse and repeat and yeah I can



By rinse do you mean reset?

How far into the boot process does it get before it resets e.g. starts to load, gets to the desktop etc?

Can you get into safe mode when booting into Windows?


It boots and goes to desktop but it I mean by rinse is it happens constantly so windows fully boots



Did you try safe mode with networking?

If it stays on in safe mode, then there is a driver problem.

If also happens in safe mode, I realize that you said that you tried changing ram but maybe try downloading and booting the laptop with this free memory test program from a USB flashdrive.

It's useful as not only does it test the ram (ram slots?) but also it doesn't need Windows to run and it basically tests a lot of the other hardware on the motherboard (not the HDD/SSD) just because it is running, if it works OK.


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