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PC doesn't boot (no signal) while fans are spinning.

So I just got a PC delivered after a few weeks of waiting (its an international shipment) and when I held the box, I heard some rattling. When I look inside (without opening the case) I saw the ram sticks are both disconnected and just laying around.

I opened the case, plugged them in (its an ITX board with 2 slots, so there are no mistakes in plugging them in), I powered it and all the fans are spinning (gpu fan, cpu cooling fan, PSU fan, and another exhaust fan connected to the MOBO) but nothing happens.

My monitor is plugged into the GPU, I tried using 1 ram stick at a time at different slots, tried it with both of the sticks,

I tried to replug all of the power cables going from the psu to different components

I tried reseating the GPU

But no luck with all options. What could it be? is there a chance the motherboard is dead, perhaps the sticks knocked off a capacitor or something from the motherboard?

I will try my friend's ram in a few days, and I will try my ram in his PC. All repair stores are closed for some time so I can only troubleshoot by myself. Can someone help me identify the problem?

Parts list - GPU - Zotac 1660 Super
CPU - Ryzen 3 3100
PSU - Silverstone 500W 80+ Gold
SSD - Team Group 512 GB Sata
RAM - Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB
Motherboard - Gigabyte B450 i Aorus pro wifi ITX

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Hi @sevbites ,

Try connecting a system speaker to the motherboard’s system speaker header pins and check for any POST beep error codes that may be heard when trying to start the PC.

Here’s an image from the user manual to show where to connect it.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge]


Block Image

(click on image to enlarge)

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this is a bit of an issue, I don't have a system speaker :/



If you have a set of wired headphones with a 3.5mm plug you may be able to jury rig something.

Connect a wire to the tip of the headphones plug and another one to the sleeve of the plug and then touch them or connect them somehow to the pins on the motherboard i.e. tightly wrap the wires, one around the tip and another around the sleeve, try not to overlap to the other rings with each wire and then just touch the wires on the appropriate header pins.

You may need 3 hands or someone else to turn on the PC ;-)

Don't break the pins trying to connect the wires to them!

Hopefully you should be able to hear in the headphones' Left speaker only.

See image of plug in my answer above.


Will it work even if i don't get a POST screen at all?



You may not get a screen if POST fails to complete.

For example POST can fail if there is a memory problem. Memory is checked very early in the POST procedure, even before the video adapter is checked so if there is no memory detected it will stop and send a beep error code i.e. there is no video because it hasn't got that far yet.

POST is old school computing (but still relevant today as it checks that the motherboard is working) and back then most PCs had a system speaker connected by default so that if there were any type of POST failures the user would be alerted and could then interpret what they meant by the beep error code.

Nowadays manufacturers leave the speaker out (cost cutting, idk) but the option to have one is still there on the motherboard to use for fault finding when a PC turns on but won't boot or you don't have a display or can't get into BIOS etc.

Very handy to have one if building a PC or trying to find out why one doesn't work on startup.


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it sounds like it may have been dropped during transit if not even with the ram flopping about inside during transit could have done damage to the motherboard or other components I would look at testing the chips and other components in there to make sure they are all connected I would also get on to the person who sent it and even the company who delivered it they maybe able to tell you what happened during transit to give you an idea of if it was a transit drop or a seller fault hope this helps

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I know the seller, it was working properly before it got delivered. How do I test the chips?

I replugged everything properly and all of the components' fans are spinning so I assume they are okay?


as you said before it could have damaged a capacitor or any of the chips on the motherboard if you have a Magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers (plastic not metal) go round the capacitors and chips just make sure there is no damage and they are soldered onto the board correctly any movement on any pins shouldn't happen so if they move slightly they are not connected properly


I would start the focus around where the ram is placed or was when you opened it


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