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The G502 Hero has the same ergonomic design as its predecessor, with an updated sensor. Released in 2018 and identified by model number M-U0047.

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Can't click and drag with my mouse

My G502 Hero mouse either doesn’t register single clicks or it double clicks and almost never lets me drag items on the screen. I’m guessing it’s a hardware button problem, but I’m no sure. Can it be fixed?

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Thank you to those who have answered my question! I'm sure these answers might help other people with similar issues. I can't accept any of the provided answers because the problem somehow solved itself. I guess it was a software issue, but I don't remember if I did a firmware update since I've started having this issue. The right click seems to always work now, and I've done nothing to the mouse. Could've been an update to G Hub as well.

Thanks again! If the problem reoccurs, I'll try the fixes that were suggested!

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you might want to have a look that this similar question (and answer):
Why my Logitech M221 mouse right click is not working? And how to fix

The switches in mice are not that different.
If you want you can even try to open the small switch box and clean the metal flange so it properly closes the circuit again when clicking.

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This is a common issue with G502.. I had it months back and found out Reddit is full of threads stating similar issues. This could a software issue (if you’re lucky) which can be resolved with following steps.

  1. Right click on Windows or Start button and select Device Manager
  2. Under the ITC device, search for Logitech Virtual G-Hub Mouse
  3. Right click on it, select Uninstall
  4. Disconnect the mouse from the computer
  5. Restart your computer
  6. Pair the device to the computer again and check with cps test

If it’s not fixed, you gotta have it repaired or reinstall new switches yourself.

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hi, i can't find logitech virtual g-hub mouse, i found a similar one but i can't uninstall it :(


i don't have ITC device anywhere on my device manager. win10. cps is for clicks per second, so i'm not sure how this helps with holding the button down. glad i only paid $20 for this mouse. i just need to be able to click and drag select things consistently.


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This is a very common problem with the G502 and the plastic part hitting the switch is constructed in a way that it blocks the movement before hitting the switch too deep. So the best way to fix this is to replace the switch like @isakrittl said/linked.

A cheaper way is to switch the switches. For me my left button is word out and need the replacement while the other keys are still good.

There are 5 Omron D2FC-F-7N build in, so what I do is to change the G9 switch to the left mouse button, as I rarely use it.

While you do this make sure there is no dirt under the buttons. I had to disassemble all the top parts to clean them. You have to do this carefully and I was missing any instructions for that. Sorry for the bad language as I'm no native English speaker. And good luck to all with the repairs!

Also a hint: The transparent plastic over the laser is not very firm attached - I would suggest to fix it with for example hot glue. (don't put glue in the line of the laser!) I've had this with the G502, G500s and even the very durable MX518. As the result of the loose part your cursor line will wobble a little bit while you move - resulting in a horrible inaccuracy.

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