Tablet portion not working after battery replacement (1703)


I was able to run through the battery replacement steps w/o an issue for my Surface Book 1703, however, after replacing the battery, the Tablet portion by itself won’t turn on. The surface book works only if is attached to the base and running on battery. Detaching the hinges and plugging in the power shuts down the computer (I’m guessing battery power switch between base and tablet).

Anyways, I ran the BIOS (UEFI), nothing there related to the battery other than the option for battery limit, explored the Control Panel —> Device Manager (removed the battery 1 and re-added it) and checked the Windows Logs (no critical or error hardware events). Still the battery won’t work.

Running the command c:\Powercfg \batteryreport, I see that the battery is somewhat recognized, it displays the charge and manufacturer, but it doesn’t display serial number, name or cycle count. On the task bar, it display the charge left, but it doesn’t take charge when plugged in. I also noticing that the clock is not keeping up, having to update it on the UEFI.

Display works (tactile and pen response, motherboard works, fan works, speakers as well).

Block Image

Block Image

Any suggestions?


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