Changed Soappan, Start Button Not Working

I just changed the PP-T30 soap pan on my Profile GE washing machine. I flipped the breaker on, the washer beeped loudly and started up. Every button seems to work now except for Normal Wash and Start/Reset, which are totally nonresponsive. I checked the wires and they seem to be all connected to the panel.

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To elaborate, the machine was working to begin with, but had a broken catch on the dispenser. I opened it and swapped in a new dispenser. The display, lights, and tones all seem to work. Thr Heated Dry button lights up when the door is latched, but also seems to be nonresponsive. Plugging in the old soap dispenser instead does not seek to help.


Chris Delzell what is the exact model for your dishwasher?


@oldturkey03 I've looked over most of the washer and haven't found anything more detailed than GE Profile.


@oldturkey03 I'm about to pull it out of the counter, so I will check the sides and back for a model number.


Chris Delzell open the door and look along the line where the door seats in the dishwasher. A lot of models have the tag in that area. It's a bit of a PITA


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