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Monitor no signal when changing input.

Hi, I have a very troubling problem with my computer / monitor.

Pc - asrock j5005

monitor - Acer cb342ckc

previous monitor - Viewsonic va2719 qdh (no longer using, in fact sold)

tv - xiaomi 43

My previous setup was dual monitor - pc hdmi to Viewsonic, dvi convert to tv hdmi.

upon buying the Acer monitor I have changed to single monitor setup via pc hdmi to Acer.

I have occasionally connect my work laptop to Acer monitor via usb c laptop to usb c Acer.

now here’s the problem. If I were to solely stick to hdmi on the pc there would be no issue. But whenever I toggle signal to usb c (dp-alt), there will be signal, but when I toggle back to hdmi from dp alt, there will be no signal.

I tried unplugging dp alt and just leave hdmi connected to the pc and do a dummy toggle, once it cycle back to hdmi, signal is lost again.

in order to get signal back, I have to off everything, unplugged everything, connect just hdmi and turn on pc. Or, connect pc via dvi-hdmi to tv and set the resolution for the Acer monitor via the tv before it’s working again.

So I tried connecting monitor hdmi to wife work laptop and monitor usb c to my work laptop, toggle between signal is working fine.

I can rule out monitor hdmi is faulty?

next, since my pc does not have dp, I get a hdmi to dp converter to connect pc hdmi to monitor dp and laptop usb c to monitor usb c (the monitor has dp, dp alt, hdmi, hdmi). Toggling between signal is perfectly fine. But now, my pc unable to post bios splash screen when I turn on pc. The pc will boot straight into windows. It’s like bios splash screen is there but monitor does not receive any signal until it load into windows. Tried clear bios, cmos, turn off fast boot etc all didn’t work.

so I tried just connect pc directly via hdmi to tv hdmi without laptop and monitor, bios splash screen appear.

I mean wth?

so I either can’t have bios via my monitor or can’t toggle between work and my pc?

can anyone help me out with this?

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I would try uninstalling and reinstalling the graphics driver.

They are subject to minor corruption. Even go so far as to use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller v18.0.4.5) to completely remove it.


Hi @hhh1a2a3a

Is BIOS appearing on the other display?

I'm wondering if the non monitor video output display (got confused which one it is) is actually now the primary video output display for BIOS therefore a display is seen and when Windows installs it recognizes the monitor as the primary display and the other display as the secondary display so no BIOS splash screen is shown if it is not on or connected.

Hopefully this makes some sense to you.


@aactech I did uninstall reinstall driver for asrock and monitor before but it didn’t work.

One thing to note is that I still see my ICC profile for my previous monitor (Viewsonic) in my current Acer monitor being selected.


@jayeff yes bios is appearing on the other screen. Yes I totally get what you’re thinking but how do I resolve this?



Sorry if I'm repeating what you said, but did you check the settings in Win 10 Settings > Display > Multiple Displays and check that you have selected the appropriate monitor as the primary display and that the other displays are showing in the list of available monitors correctly?

The motherboard has 3 video outputs vga, hdmi and DVI-D so it appears that the HDMI port (and the display connected to it) is the one that BIOS thinks is the primary display, yet Windows thinks otherwise.

Don't know the motherboard but are there options in BIOS > Advanced > Primary Graphics Adapter to alter between vga, HDMI and DVI-D?

Can you reverse the display cables over so that the BIOS and Windows screens appears where you want them to?


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If the issue started when you switched from ViewSonic to Acer, please uninstall the ViewSonic driver. The PC may be having trouble “knowing” which one to use.

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There was no driver to install to begin with. But anyway I have clear display cache and uninstall and reinstall everything.

And I start off buy using pure hdmi pc to hdmi monitor and the toggling problem starts again and I had no choice but to revert to converter…


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Hi, I know it’s been awhile. So here’s what happened.

I created a new partition in the current pc and install a fresh new OS hoping that this would mimic a “fresh” pc. Unfortunately, the same issue persist. I am reluctant to perform a fresh format on the ssd.

Since then, I have moved on to an intel Nuc11 i3 and lo and behold, problem is being fixed…

so I guess there’s some issue with the previous pc drivers or something..

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