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The April 2014 update of the 11" MacBook Air packs refreshed dual-core i5 and i7 Haswell processors and slightly increased battery performance.

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MBA1465 boots only after disconnecting/connecting battery & power cord

There was a water spillage on my Mac. I used isopropyl to clean and revive. I am currently writing this question from Mac I revived by running OSX from USB flash drive. SSD removed.

Issues that still persist :

  1. Power button does not work at all —> either to turn On or Off.
  1. I can literally restart the computer but cannot turn-off and turn back on after 'Shutdown’. Computer is non-responsive if I shut it off. I have to go through the entire process of disconnecting battery, connecting it back and connect back power cord.

Revived Mac using these steps :

Removed out SSD completely (I am now using a flash drive to run El Capitan.)

Disconnected & re-connected battery.

Connected power-cord . Voila!

Since power button is not responsive, SMC reset is out of question following the steps published. Why is the computer Restarting without any problems , but when I shut down , I have to disconnect/re-connect the battery? Does seem like this step is wiping out some memory that is hampering the step of boot-up. Battery is charging fine after I connect it back and power cord is connected.

Why would power button not respond ?

Would new SSD help? Any chance these 2 issues of SSD and power button be related ? I ordered a new SSD to see if it helps. But I doubt.

Any explanation and ideas on this would be highly appreciated .



Block Image

TG Pro Result (Logic board selected)

Block Image

Coconut (100% battery)

Block Image

Coconut (40% battery)

Block Image

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I would try running the onboard diagnostics to see if anything pops within it. Restart your system and press the D key. Apple messed up the newer versions of the systems firmware so it might not work but it’s worth a try.

Mac startup key combinations

You do need to put the SSD back in and plug in the battery as you don’t want to add a bunch of distractions for diagnostics to figure out.

If that fails to work you might want to give this app a try TG Pro you’ll want the full version to get the diagnostics function. Its not a full diagnostics but it might be enough to figure out where you need to focus on.

Otherwise you’ll need to play wack-a-mole replacing part by part (battery, keyboard, or logic board).

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Thanks Dan.

Helped narrow down my effort to find the right steps. I got my new ssd and ran the diagnostics - just like you mentioned.. Now it points to the fan PPF004 (I see you helped someone else also on this).

It's rather strange though because fan seems amped up and spins well during the diagostics. But I do not really know if it runs when cpu heats up.

Power button still does not respond. I am barely starting now with cmd+R thingy since the new ssd is blank (expected).

Seems like I'll eventually try TGPro but let me first install the software and check few more things.


Observing now that fan is working hard to keep the temp down. So, seems like fan is indeed working fine (?). Mac is currently in the process of installing Mavericks. CPU seems to be working very hard and so is the fan.


@iwozsteve - What did TG Pro show you?

When SMC encounters loss of access to one of its sensors or get back an incorrect value SMC puts the system into CPU Safe mode which does two things it ramps up the fan and lowers the CPU's clocking to protect the system from over hating.

Your fan has two parts to it the motor part and a tachometer report what the motor is doing. So this is starting to sound like the motor part is working but the tach has failed. As we don't know which model you have besides knowing its a 11 inch I can't aim you to the part of the guide as Apple did change things though the A1465 line can you tell us which year your system is plug in your systems S/N here to find out and let us know EveryMac - Lookup


Mac is A1465 EMC2631 (Early 2014) .

I did not yet run TG Pro, @danj .

Currently focusing on getting my softwares up and running.

Thanks for the technical details of tachometer. It's amazing how much we learn through repairs and fixes and open collaboration. More power to you.



@iwozsteve - HEre's the needed part for your system MacBook Air 11" (Mid 2011-Early 2015) Fan and the guide to put it in MacBook Air 11" Early 2014 Fan Replacement


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