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Samsung's third iteration of the Galaxy Watch with a newly integrated BioActive Sensor. It was released August 27th, 2021. Model SM-R860, 40 mm, non-LTE version.

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Can I transfer the "guts" into a Pocket Watch case?

I would like to convert a Galaxy Watch 4 into a pocket watch, I currently own a Watch 4 Classic, but I think the Watch 4 without the physical bezel would work better. But before I spend money on one, I wanted to see if it would be possible? I know I would need button holes made. But other than that?

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While I can't answer your direct question, I did have a friend make a new case of his Apple Watch for his wife as she wanted a belt strap watch as she was a wood worker and a watch on the wrist would get in the way. It came out quite well! Using a small CNC system.


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you can as long as the back is also clear glass or migrate the current back to the new frame. if you don’t you lose blood o2 and heart rate etc features. also make sure you use the right MM size frame for it.

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