Is there a guide to repair the shoulder buttons?

Hi, I have a broken R button and want to fix it, but I’m very very bad with tinkering. I found a guide for the Nintendo 3DS (Right/Left) Shoulder Button Replacement, but not for the Nintendo 3DS XL.

From what I’ve seen in the guides for the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo 3DS XL, it’s not the same way to dismantle both consoles.

Is it safe to follow the start of a 3DS XL guide to get how to dismantle it, then follow the part of the 3DS guide to fix the shoulder button, then follow again the 3DS XL guide to reassemble? If so, which steps of which guide should we follow? If not, is there a guide somewhere to fix the Nintendo 3DS XL Shoulder Buttons?

Thanks for reading

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