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Pfaff 1196 doesnt stop after leaving foot pedal


i was sewing fine, untill I wanted to stop. I left my foot pedal and the machine did not stop. I removed the plug from the electric and when I put it back in, the machine started again by itself, without using the pedale.

I changed the pedale with a new universal one and still the same problem. Any ideas how to fix this?

thanks in advance!


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It sounds like either:

  • a capacitor has blown within the sewing machine
  • incorrect wiring up of replacement foot pedal
  • incompatible foot pedal

In any case you will probably need a qualified electrician/sewing machine technician to sort out this problem.

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Eliminate the foot pedal by leaving it disconnected. Does it still run by itself?

If not, do both foot pedals cause the problem?

If so, the issue may be in the foot pedal socket on the machine.

If not, it is internal to the machine.

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