No Power - Short on Board

We have numerous C204 Chromebooks that have experienced this problem, usually accompanied by a damaged charging port. There seems to be a hot spot near a chip on the board but replacing the chip does not work.

Has anyone experienced this? Does anyone have a boardview schematic to help troubleshoot?

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What is the make and model number of the motherboard? (printed on motherboard itself)


I believe its a C214MA Rev 2.0.

There are some other labels though like 1914 CM-4 94V-0 / E162264

The Part Number is 60NX02A0-MBE000



Unfortunately I cannot find any schematics for the board.

Maybe @oldturkey03 might know where to find a copy.



I've been experiencing the same issue with student devices here at my school. What have you done to resolve? Replacing the motherboard seems to be my only option


@keillerleader Replacing the board has been our only option as well without a schematic. We will certainly be looking at a different brand and model after this engineering failure. The charging board and port should be separate from the main board like they were in the C202. I've had over 15 C204's fail this year because of this shorted out chip and they are less than 18 months old.


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