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Sharp Aquos LC-58Q620U Flashing Red Light

So let me give a little background first. One day my Sharp TV just decided to stop working in the middle of us watching it. The LED light was a steady red. So, After some digging around I decided to try replacing the mainboard. I bought a new mainboard (although this mainboard was advertised as a Hisense - it was the exact same mainboard).

After replacing the mainboard, another issue arose (of course). Now the LED light is continuously flashing red. However, if I hold a flashlight up to the tv I can see Hisense coming up on the screen. It doesn’t go beyond the Hisense logo. I tried seeing if it needed a firmware update. I got firmware from Hisense and followed their instructions but it didnt seem to do anything. Pushing the power button doesnt change anything. The light continues a steady, flashing red light.

So, any ideas what it could be or what I should try? Is it a powerboard issue then? A backlight issue? A short somewhere?

Update (01/05/2022)

Edit: Actually, holding a flashlight up to the screen I see the Hisense logo turning on and off as well. It almost seems like it isnt getting the power required to keep the Tv on or power the backlights.

Update (01/05/2022)

I also tried plugging the old mainboard back in just to see if anything changed. Same issue I had before replacing mainboard. Steady red light, try turning it, nothing happens, turns off immediately. Nothing I can see with a flashlight. Its weird one main board yields a steady red light, but the other one has a consistent flashing red light and a picture with a flashlight.

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@jconrad12 sounds like you got two issues here. “if I hold a flashlight up to the tv I can see Hisense coming up on the screen” obviously a backlight issue. The flashing light could be a power board issue as well as the steady light but no picture. Measure the voltages from the power board to the backlight LED’s (meter high around 300VDC and see what you get). The difference in what is happening between main board 1 and main board 2 could be firmware version as well as other things. Right now I’d focus on the power board. Post some good pictures of all of your boards with your question. Lets see if we can figure something out remotely. Adding images to an existing question

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