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Released in November 2020, the 13" MacBook Pro features Apple's Arm-based M1 SoC with both an 8-core CPU and 8-core GPU. (Model A2338 / EMC 3578 with two Thunderbolt 3 ports)

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Firefox closes while MBP 2020 (M1) is in sleep mode & disconnected Wif

MBP 2020 (M1) - I use a jetpack to connect to the internet. I use Firefox as my go-to browser and will have opened a number of tabs at any given time. Because I use a jetpack which has usage limits, I will disconnect from the jetpack/wifi when I'm not using it but will leave existing tabs opened in Firefox and put the MBP to sleep. Many times after I have awakened the MBP in order to re-connect to wifi and continue reading tabs (mostly articles) that I've opened, I have found that Firefox and all of those tabs have closed - again, while disconnected from the Jetpack/Wifi.

Apple tells me it is a Firefox issue and to contact Firefox. I have never had this problem until this 2020 MBP (M1) - my previous MBP was a 2010. This spontaneous Firefox closing issue has happened in both Big Sur and Monterey. Apple's other answer is for me to use Safari.

Anyone else have this issue or have any clue as to what's going on?? A lot of money spent on this MBP just so I can have constant and no-patterned closures. Thanks.

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The reason my (previously owned) 2020 MBP (M1) was disconnecting - it was a simple fix actually. I finally found somebody at Apple Support who knew what they were talking about - it only took me over a year to solve this problem (seriously), so I guess I won the Apple Support lottery. She knew the simple fix; she knew what she was talking about (after a year plus of frustration).

The fix is go to: System Preferences / Security & Privacy / Privacy tab / "Click the lock to make changes" (bottom left) / Click "Advanced" (bottom right) / uncheck "Log out after xx minutes of inactivity" / Click "Okay" / Lock the padlock to secure changes.

By making these changes you will prevent your 2020 MBP (M1) from disconnecting and closing out tabs you have opened within your browser(s) - ie., Safari, Firefox, etc.

Good luck and happy fixing.

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Good to know! Mine is by default is not checked!


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Sorry about your issues running FireFox. Remember the M Series SoC’s are a very different architecture, as such running older Intel based app’s can get messy!

Make sure you are running the latest version:

  • Standard - 95.0.2 / 19 December 2021
  • Extended Support - 91.4.1esr / 16 December 2021

You might want to look here for more info macOS 12 Monterey problems: how to fix the most common issues

The nature of your cellular to WiFi Jetpack as another layer of complication. Many web sites have heart beats so as they update their pages active pages which have expired will flush-out. Here’ the lack of continuous access will also effect things. You may have an OS level or an application issue. You’ll need to find out if a constant connection (wired internet) reacts the same way or not.

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Hi Dan, thanks for your reply. My Firefox is up-to-date (95.0.2) as is macOS Monterey.

Not sure what you are referring to wrt “Extended Support 91.4.1esr…”. Please let me know. And yes, the WiFi jetpack (major US carrier) may not be up to M1 standards, I agree.

I noticed the random shut-downs while in Big Sur and it got progressively worse in Monterey - when I say progressively worse - something like Firefox completely shutting down (offline) a couple of times a week. It’s a crapshoot with no patterns.

When you say there may be an OS level or an app issue, what are you exactly referring to?? Reinstalling Monterey??

I’ve reinstalled Firefox while on one of the tech support calls with Apple (few months ago) and as I’ve said, FF auto-updates. I’m just peeved that I’ve spent nearly $2k on this MBP (after upgrades, etc.) and this is what I get. Ridiculous.

All Apple can tell me is to go after 3-party apps (okay… Firefox…) and use Safari. I cannot believe that I’m the only person with an M1 MBP using Firefox and having this issue.

So, now I am testing this random-shutdown by just using Safari but if you can give any further direction, that would be helpful. I would test with a dedicated wired connection but that is not possible at the moment.

Thanks Dan.


@kahgroos - Here's a bit more on Extended Support version of fireFox You shouldn't need this version its not really the version of personal use.

Sorry I guess I wasn't too clear, the issue is on how web sites work so if you break the connection to their server the page expires! I fear this is the root issue here.

As far the version of macOS the issue you are locked in to the M Series SoC versions Big Sur and Monterey, I don't see that in its self is the issue this gets into translation running Intel code on an Arm based system (M Series SoC). Here's more on Rosetta 2 which does the translation Rosetta2 It's not perfect! But its quite good! Here we are pushing things as web based applications like FireFox are more complex so it's possible it just won't work as you expected.

Sadly, you are a trailblazer! So issues like this can be a pain in the butt for you. All you can do is post a bug report with FireFox and Apple so they are aware of the issue. But I would wait until you see what Safari shows you as well as how a constant connection reacts.

As others encountering the issue, I doubt many people are holding pages open like you with a severed connection. If you left the Jetpack connection active I think you'll see it won't encounter this.


I was fully aware that I was walking into the M1 scene upon purchase and knew that there would be some sort of kinks to be worked out (ala Rosetta).

I will continue to monitor this situation with using just Safari. Although I did have something similar happen while using Apple’s .pages - I did a simple cut/paste from an email into .pages and I didn’t bother to save/name that doc (.pages) because I was using it as a place holder of info while I worked/researched other sites (thus multiple tabs opened in Safari). I disconnected the Jetpack-Wifi and put the MBP to sleep. Later, when I awakened the MBP, Safari tabs were fine but a “failed to quit” message was there instead - “Your Mac hasn’t logged out because “Pages” failed to quit. To continue logging out, quit “Pages”. To quit an unresponsive app, select Force Quit from the Apple Menu (or press command-option-esc). I have received this type of message in the past when I have used .Pages (which is not that often). Any ideas? Thanks Dan.


@kahgroos - Apple Apps are Cloud based! So when you severed the internet connection you lost access to the server which is hosting your document. You need to make sure to setup a local work space and not have it replicated to your iCloud account. This is the expected response.


I don't use the iCloud at all, at least intentionally. I also just awakened my MBP to find that Safari along with my tabs closed down. So, it didn't take long to find out about Safari shutting down while off-line. WRT setting up a local work space, what does that entail?


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Hi Dan,

Thanks. I always run the current software on all of my devices, always. My solution (as noted above) was actually the solution all along - it just took over a year to find somebody at Apple Support to know it. Once I unchecked that box (noted in my previous response) everything worked extremely well - Firefox, Safari, jetpack connection either connected or disconnected - I never lost my tabs/pages again. A simple fix but took going through LOTS of Apple Support people to find the answer (many of them were stumped and could not help me).

I have since moved onto the 2021 MBP M1 Pro chip (14") and still have those same settings fix with no problems using the jetpack. All of my FF/Safari pages remain in tact whether I am connected or disconnected to Wifi (via jetpack). The power of the (un)checked box.

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