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Samsung's tenth-generation flagship "phablet," with S Pen stylus and 5G capability. Released August 2019.

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Minor Screen Damage; Screen is Black, Flashes Orange & Yellow

My husband has a Note 10+ and dropped it at work recently. It was in an OtterBox and hit the corner of a metal chair before falling on the floor. There is a small busted area (smaller than a dime) on the left side of the screen. Speakers work fine. He can hear notifications. The screen is black and also flashes blocks of orange and yellow. If it weren’t for this problem, the minor damage to the screen wouldn’t affect use of the phone at all. Anyone have any idea what this damage could be and how to fix it? Thanks in advance!

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Thank you so much for the info! He’s the lone Android wolf in a family of six. Our kids and I all have iPhones, which is more my area of expertise regarding troubleshooting and repair. The irony is he’d dropped it face down on pavement, floors, etc., before without so much as a scratch. It barely tapped the chair when it fell. For the time being he’s using his old Note 8. I’d really like to fix the Note 10+ for him as soon as possible. Any recommendations on the best replacement screens?


Getting the screen is going to be a bit of a PITA since there are some that are good and some are pretty much the bottom of the barrel. Both Amazon and Ebay have teheir fair share of decnet vendorsd with good quality products but it's always a bit of a crap shoot. I would try and get a display from somebody with a decent feedback rate, preferably is in Country and accepts returns without questions asked. BTW Samsung will do the repair for $279 USD just in case..... Gives you something to compare the pricing to.


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@nola_mama the Note10+ uses an AMOLED screen. those are really sensitive and damage even the size of a dime will destroy the screen. Time to change the display to get this awesome phablet back in service. Use something like this guide Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G Screen Replacement and this video for the screen repair. As for parts, do some online shopping and compare price, quality of the display and location to make your decision. No, those displays are not cheap but they are pretty awesome when they work.

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