PS3 FAT CECHL04 Turns off immediately after pressing the power button

I bought this non working PS3 FAT CECHL04, plugged in the cable, the red light turns on to indicate the console is off. I turn it on, the led turns green for an instant and then the console immediately turns off, the led turns off and shows no light and there’s a smell, like something just burned.

I did this a total of 3 times, with the same results. The 3rd time I also saw a tiny bit of smoke.

Should I replace the Power Supply ? what would you suggest to get the console to work?

Block Image

Block Image

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It is like the YLOD but it not showing the light so replace the thermal paste and clean the whole thing out but be careful.


The YLOD doesn’t cause a burning odor… He probably has a short or a bad PSU.


@ultratech It burns the thermal compound and the mother board


I’ve changed the thermal paste and cleaned the inside though there was little dust.

Once everything was back in place I connected the console to the current. The red led turned on. Then I turned the console on and the led turned green for an instant before turning off completely.

So I guess I either incorrectly put the thermal paste on or The problem does not lie there.

I tested the current flow through the PSU with a multimeter and the value on the multimeter change from 1 to some number above 1.

I also noticed some imperfections (like something (some spots where something may have burnt) [image|2577609][image|2577608] on the board and I was wondering whether they have anything to do with the malfunctioning.


Try to fix it like it was the YLOD, heat gun part?


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