The Nintendo DS is Nintendo's seventh generation handheld game console.

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both screens have vertical stripes

i have replaced the shell on my original ds as it had a broken hinge, i thought i had done it really carefully but now when i switch it on both the screens have vertical stripes all over them, can't see anything else. i can hear the intro tinkle music but that's it. any help greatly appreciated!

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Double check all of your larger video cable connections along with the ribbon cable that goes through the hinge connections. The darker brown piece that goes in the socket should be just behind the white line on the motherboard and parallel to it. The flap that holds the cable in the socket should be even and flat - sometimes they like to bow out in the center.

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thank you. i've done it, but it's still stripey. any other ideas?


Have you ever seen this work? Did you buy it broken? Are the brown flaps on the connectors present and functioning properly? Make sure the part of the cable that goes in the connect is flat - sometimes they like to bow in the middle. If this worked prior to the case exchange the problem is either in how the cables are going in the connectors or how the brown flaps are holding them down in the socket.


yes, it definitely worked before i changed the shell. i managed to get the bottom screen working, top one was better but still unusable...i will try and get the cable in further. i forgot to take out the battery before i took it back now won't power on, did i cause this by keeping the battery in?


ok...the bottom screen's now working except for the touch bit and the top screen's still stripey but now a dark stripe. is the bit that controls the touch screen, one of those 2 tiny ribbons under the large bottom screen ribbon? thanks!


touch screen now working! still the top one not working tho :-( the end of the black bit is past the white line. could there be any other reason for the top screen not working properly?


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