PS2 Slim Disc drive spins up and slows down & Controller Port 1 issue


I’ve recently bought a PS2 Slim from eBay to restore as the case was damaged.

It powers on to the Home Screen but have to use controller port 2 as 1 doesn’t recognise although power is going to the port so not sure if the data line is damaged? I have checked continuity from the port to the board and all are connected.

The dvd drive works fine in another console as I have swapped this over to another 70003 and swapped the laser cable as well just in case so can rule that out. I put a known working drive from the other console in and that wouldn’t work either. When it’s in the damaged one it spins the disc for 5 short bursts and the spins up but slows down. Everything I’ve tried to lookup points to the laser but I know this works. I can’t see any obvious signs of damage and the laser cable port is secure.

Any suggestions on what to try would be great for either the dvd issue or controller port issue as most questions don’t seem to match these issues.


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