Green light, Fan spin BUT NO DISPLAY -820 000165

I have a MacBook air a1466 (820 000165), after replacing the bios chip, I have green then orange light and, fan spin for a long time but no image, I tried with a flashlight to see if it is a backlight issue.

PPbus_g3h, pp3v42, and pp5v_s4l are present, also r6115 and r 6130 have been replaced after missing them because of the hot air.

since I already know that the MacBook was working fine before u6100 was replaced, can you help me identify the issue? what are the value that I should read on u6100 to see if it is properly soldered?

thanx for your help :)

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3.3V on pin 8 which powers the chip.


Why did you replace the EFI chip?

Are you sure you got the correctly programed chip?


@honakrisi i Mesure 3.32V on pin 8


@danj replaced the chip for a password issue, i do not have a chip programmer to check it, buy it from ebay.


@nacimux - I would get another and you might want to put the original one back on.


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