Weird series of events. Multiple issues? Battery Light & P0106 code

Sorry for the semi-long backstory info! I drive around for work so I was out all day. I came home, about an hour later went out to grab some dinner. Another hour or so later I went to go back out to run a quick errand and when I turned the car on the battery light had come on. It started just fine, no struggle. I turned it off anyway and didn’t drive it. Next morning, tried it again. Light still on. Check engine light was on now too. I checked the code and it came up P0106 which is for the MAPS sensor. Looked it up and those seemed to be very different issues so cue confusion.

Drove it to the local Auto place to have them test my battery and alternator. By the time I drove it there the battery light had gone off and I had no issues while driving. Both battery and alternator tested fine. In hindsight I should have asked for a copy of the reading. I drove it back home and a few hours later went to go out. Battery light back on. Auto store said it might be a fuse when I explained so I ignored it and went out. About 4 miles down the road I came to a stop light and my engine began to splutter and rough idle while waiting at the light. Kept doing so each time I had to come to a stop while still in drive. Made it to my destination and the car did not rough idle in park. On the way home it did the same, this time stalling at one of the lights. Turned right back on with no problem and I made it home.

I have been trying to figure out if these are two separate problems (Battery light and engine stalling/spluttering) or if they’re somehow related. I would like to, if possible, do any easy part replacements myself but I can’t seem to diagnose what it could be. I’ve cleaned the battery terminals and connectors. I don’t see any visible damage to them either. I even took the advice of a random Youtube video from a guy with the same car as me with a P0106 code and removed/cleaned my throttle body. Car seemed to run a little smoother on a test run down the road and back, no rough idle at either stop signs I hit, but the battery light is still on. Could the auto shop have been wrong about my alternator and/or battery? I don’t want to take it on a longer test run and end up stranded on the side of the road or blocking busy traffic if it dies somewhere weird.

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If the alternator is bad it shouldn't go from ~12,4v to ~14.3v from engine off to engine on.

I'd hazard a guess it's more likely the battery since testing that with load should take some time, like a few hours.

If the alternator is bad and has depleted the battery, you'd most likely need to replace both, but this should have caused a myriad of fault codes


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