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Missing ground pads on iPhone 6 Plus audio ic

Hello guys

While replacing audio ic on iPhone 6 Plus I have seen three missing pads. Phoneboard showed all of them to be ground pads. I have soldered a new ic without jumper wires and still microphone/earpiece is not working. Should I desolder the ic and run jumper wires to those ground pads or my problem should be somewhere else?

In other words, ground pads in general should be fixed by jumper wires or it doesn’t matter?

Thanks all

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Usually you can get away without running jumpers to ground pads, as long as there are some ground pads that haven’t been damaged.

I have never found the audio IC on a 6 plus that needed replacing unless it was water damaged or too much heat was used on the meson to fix a touch issue.

I usually find it is the speaker amp that needs replacing U1601 I think.

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The phone has standard problem with no working microphone and earpiece. Front camera flex with speaker was replaced, charging port with microphone was replaced. Now audio ic also was replaced. But result is the same.

So I thought need to desolder the audio ic and run jumper wire to those ground pads.

What you think, Should I try to replace the u1601? It can help?


By the way forgot to mention, the loud speaker works with no issues.


@narekus If the loud speaker is working I doubt it will be the audio or speaker amp. I would diode the front and dock connectors and compare with a known good board. Usually on a problem like this we would put the logic board into a known good housing using a known good screen assembly. That way you completely rule out a parts issue.



I have a bunch of spare parts i.e. flex cables, charging port, speakers, screen. Replaced almost everything. Unfortunately I don't have another similar board for reading comparison as I am not professional tech, its just my hobby )

There was an episode a few weeks ago when I was able to have voice memo record by pressing above fpc connector of the ear speaker flex. However after a while this stopped to work as well ((

The thing which makes me confused, how ear speaker and microphone are not working at the same time. If lets say there is bad filter along the way of ear speaker it should not affect the microphone which is located at the opposite site of the board.



There is famous solution for iPhone 7/7p audio ic with 4 jumpers. Is there any similar workaround for iPhone 6p?


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