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Repair manuals for the HP Pavilion identified by model number: 15-d017cl.

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Can replace this laptop's internal wireless card?

Having difficult time learning if the internal wireless card can be replaced or is it attached to the motherboard? I’ve tried 2 different USB wireless adapters but one they’re running, when I turn laptop off and back on—no Internet. Are ports too old to handle them? Thanks for any help you can offer.

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First of all have you checked to see if the wireless adapter is showing up in the Device Manager in Windows Control Panel. If it is there but has a yellow exclamation mark then it is possible the driver is corrupted. Uninstall it and let reboot and let Windows automatically reinstall the driver.

To answer your question:

Yes it can be replaced and is not soldered to the motherboard. Gently pry off the black antenna connecting wire, unscrew mounting screw and slide card out of socket.

Here are the disassemble instructions:

HP Pavilion 15-d017cl Motherboard Replacement

The wireless card in circled in red in the first photo.

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Thank you! That’s a BIG help. Have a couple deadlines this week so may need to continue limping along til the weekend. But at least you’ve given me one more option to try! Your quick and knowledgeable response is much appreciated.


Oh, and yes, I did go to Device Mgr and first tried uninstall/install ... no luck. Thanks!


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