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Model A1224 / Mid 2007 and Early 2008 / 2, 2.4, or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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iMac gives electric shock

Since I bought my used iMac last summer, I've noticed such a unpleasant and painful issue with it. It constantly gives me small electric shocks.

The first time it happened, I was trying to plug usb behind it, I though it was just static electricity, but as it was happening more and more, I find out that I was wrong.

I get shocked every time my skin touch the aluminum body. The more lightly I touch it, the more painful it is. It's like stings. It's even more painful when the skin is thin, like with my wrists.

What tells me it's not static electricity is that, If I keep my wrist on the corner of the screen, it doesn't stop, it's constant. It also happens with my wired aluminum keyboard.

It is not unbearable, but so unpleasant.

My house is correctly grounded, I've checked it and tried other plugs, same problem. I even tried at my parent's. So I think the problem comes from the iMac itself. The AC adapter doesn't have any problem too.

I've tried to ask Apple, the guy told me to turn the iMac off, unplug it, press the power button for 10 sec, and turn it on to see if it has changed : result no.

Actually it doesn't happen the first 1-2 minutes after I turn it on.

Does this already happen to you ? What could it be and what could I check/do inside to verify the correct grounding ? I'll tear it down at the end of the month to upgrade CPU so it would be nice to correct this at the same time


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I have the same problem


yogesharora8, pretty old question and not visited very often. I suggest you ask your own question by using this link and give as much detail as possible. right now your "me too" is listed as an answer, which it is clearly not ;-))


Just a minute ago I got quite painful shock from the the extension wire of the ear plugs. There where the ear plug wire connects to the extension wire is a very thin metal ring. That touched slighty to my arm and it really hurt. Like a hot needle. I also had to change to wireless keyboard because the wired aluminum kb gave me shocks all the friggin time. My apartment is grounded. Just a few days ago I watched a video of a gamer who died from the electric shock he got from the keyboard. Just wondering can I get an electric shock from the ear plugs right to my brain???


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Something is not grounded properly or something is leaking current. The fast cheap fix to resolve the problem until you can get inside and check all your connections is to attach a wire to the aluminum body and attach the other end of it to the screw in the center of your electrical socket where you plug the computer in. That should provide the necessary ground to stop this from happening.

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You should actually be able to get by with stripping several inches of the wire and taping the exposed wire to the housing at multiple points. That will keep you from damaging the housing.


Thanks for the advice ABCellars. I'll do this then. When I get inside it, how to check and what should I check in priority ? I'll disconnect and connect back most of it when I'll change the CPU, I'll pay much attention to the connectors and the wires. Is there something else ?


I would double check all your connections that they are firmly made, but not to the point of risking stripping threads. I would especially check the LCD grounding - I believe these have the CCFL backlight which requires about 600v. Make sure all the shielding is in place for the inverter. If you live in a humid area I would look to see if there is any corrosion interfering with the connections.If there is lightly sand the area and use dielectric grease between the connecting parts to prevent that from happening again - you can get that at any auto parts store (other names it can be found as tune up grease, light bulb grease).


Thanks for your time. I'll do that until I get inside. I'll keep you informed.


+ I realize you probably don't have an infrared thermometer but your palms are very heat sensitive. I would be looking for a hot spot where this thing is shorting out. Use the gun or slowly pass your hands over the exposed board especially around the power supply and see if you can locate the short. Here's what I use:


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