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Birinci jenerasyon Wi-Fi’lı Apple iPad, 16, 32 ve 64 GB kapasiteli. Model numarası A1219. Onarımlar kolaydır ve ısıtma gerektirmez.

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Small Black Rubber Spacers

There are about 25 small rubber spacers around the perimiter of the top frame.

Does anybody know of a picture of the proper positioning of these spacers?

You can see the spacers in some of the pictures in the guide but it would be nice to see all of them in one picture.

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It was no problem. You can see the adhesive where most of the spacers go on the old top frame. Most of the spacers go on the sides of the clips.

And you can also see alot on the guide pictures.

When you take off the top frame, most of the spacers get pushed all over the place or fall off and it's like what the ....

Only put the one curved spacer on the top left. Do not also put a small one there too. I did, and that corner stuck up a little but I could live with it.

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