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The Early 2009 Mac Pro—also known as the Mac Pro 4,1—introduced Intel's Nehalem architecture to Apple's line of professional desktop computers in March 2009. The Mac Pro 5,1 used the same interior design but received further CPU updates in 2010 and 2012.

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Mac Pro 4, 1 2009 no startup chime

Want to ask my Mac Pro 4, 1 2009

• Power on

• no startup chime

• no red LED light flashing

Press DIAG button light video and photo

Is the LED light normal ?


Block Image

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Have you tried

Reseating the cpu tray

Reseating hdd

Reseating ram

Reseating gpu

That’s what I do on my 5,1 when it doesn’t chime or boot

Hopefully this answers your question


Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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let me try it thanks man



If it didn’t work give me a shout and we will keep trying :)


Case Update, after i change cpu from 2 x X5690 back to 2 x 2.26GHz it work again , is my X5690 cpu dead ?


To confirm that I would see if you can find a old motherboard with the same socket as the cpu and check them out or try plugging them back into the Mac Pro as it was have just been a strange case of bad luck :)


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