This Nintendo DS Lite was released in 2006 as the successor to the Nintendo DS. Getting inside this device is simple, making for easy fixes.

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No power, fuses good, and I've tried new motherboard.

Trying to repair a DSL that doesn't power on at all. I checked the fuses (f1 and 2) with a meter and they tested good. I know the battery is good. AC power socket is broken, so I can't test with AC.

I took motherboard from a known working DSL, put it in the non-working. On power up, Green light came on, both screens briefly flashed and then turned off. I put a bottom screen from a known working unit it it and it did the same thing. Haven't tried replacing the top screen.

I also took the motherboard from the broken unit, put it in a known working unit and it still did nothing. Again, the fuses on the board tested good on it.

The flashing screens and powerdown with the good board baffles me.

I am hoping to not have to replace the motherboard.

I would appreciate any guidance or advice on possible fixes.

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for people who may read this but you've deleted all the answers...topscreen in non-working DS sounds bad...hence known working board has flashing screen then turning off.


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On the DS that doesn't power on at all, how did your test the fuses, from the fuse ends or from a spot down the trace from them? If you do it from only the ends of the fuse, anything for that matter, you will miss if there is a bad solder joint. On F2 I put 1 test probe on a hole in the trace behind the fuse and touch the prong furthest away from the fuse on the battery connector. If it test good everything is fine there. If it test bad then go in and test the fuse. If the fuse is good then hit the ends of the fuse with a soldering iron up to temperature in case the failure is caused by a bad solder joint. Test for continuity from the hole behind the fuse to the battery connector prong again. If there is no continuity then the failure is in the sub levels of the board and the board is bad. - most likely caused by water damage. On F1 I go from the charging port and the back pad on EM10. If I get a bad reading on either one then I go in and try the ends of the fuse. Also on the one that does nothing check L2 by the start switch. If it is missing or has a bad solder joint the system will not turn on. It is a common problem with the DS Lite.

Insofar as the flashing screens with a known good motherboard. You have something shorting out. The chances are that you either don't have the upper LCD cable seated properly or you have a bad upper screen.

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