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Freezer not cooling on top shelves

Our 4 year old Whirlpool Sidekick freezer unit model number WSZ57L18DM has stopped freezing on the top shelves. This unit is a built in, full freezer unit. The refrigerator (which also went out a month ago) is a separate unit. The over temp alarm starting going off three days ago. I pulled everything out, and defrosted it. It wasn’t frozen up, nor did we see any obvious problems. We plugged it back it but it is still maintains 36 degrees on the top shelves and 14 degrees on the bottom. I would love some help determining which parts we may try to replace, as we have just spent a fortune fixing the refrigerator.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi @hopeflesslylost ,

14° F (-10° C) is still too warm, even for the bottom area of the freezer. Normal household freezer operating temp is approx 0° F (-18° C)

With the compressor motor running, check if you can hear the evaporator fan - part #4 running, inside the freezer compartment, behind a panel at the back. (supplier example only).

The evaporator fan will stop when the door is opened and start again when the door is shut. It will run as long as the compressor is operating. With the door open, manually operate the door switch and check if you can hear the fan or feel the air blowing out of the vent. Does the freezer light turn off and on if you manually operate/release the door switch with the door open - switch is about half way up the door jamb I think? This switch also controls the evaporator fan as you don’t want the cold air being blown out through an open door

Do not confuse the evap fan with the condenser fan which is outside the compartment near the compressor motor. This fan can run whether the door is open or not.

If you can’t hear the fan or feel the air from the fan there may be a problem with the fan being iced up, the fan motor, the door switch or the power supply to the fan.

If the fan is iced up this could be caused by a faulty defrost thermostat, faulty defrost heater or blocked drain from under the evaporator unit inside to the evaporator pan outside and under the compartment near the compressor motor. Access to the fan if necessary is through the door at the front and remove the panel

If the fan is working OK etc, check that the door seals are providing a good seal and stopping any cold air escaping from the compartment, (or letting in warmer air if you prefer). Place a piece of paper (A4?) between the door and the door jamb and with the door shut, try to pull it out. It will come out with a bit of effort but it should not just fall out by itself. Try this at various places around the door, top, bottom and both sides. If it does fall out check the door seals are OK or perhaps also the door hinges to make sure that the door is correctly aligned to the door frame.

Here’s the Tech Sheet W11510230 Reva for the freezer. This details how to run the diagnostic tests which may help if the above doesn’t. It also has the wiring diagram which will help if the problem turns out to be electrical.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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WP2169142 - Whirlpool Refrigerator Fan blade


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